I started line boring in the mid-1980s to fix John Deere MFA front ends because John Deere was on strike and my customers could not buy new. We came up with a procedure to weld up or completely replace the king pin bearing holes to as good as new or better than the original. We then went on to repair worn holes in almost any large equipment that was costly to disassemble in mills and other shop machine tools. This includes excavator buckets and boom holes, scraper hitches, center articulate joints in big loaders, tractors, road graders, tractor boosters, and large transmission and rear end castings. We can do this in our shop or yours, as all our equipment is portable. Most of the time, you have the equipment apart in your own shop before you can locate the problem. Our procedure is to set up and true the worn hole with the portable boring machine. We have an automatic bore welder to build up the hole. We then rebore the hole to the exact size for bushings or pins. In some applications we may bore the hole out and make a sleeve to replace the worn part. This is just an overview; there are many applications this for which this can be used. So if you have a worn hole, call us.

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